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Prepaid Electricity; No Credit Check Same; Day Activation; No Deposit. Check rates and offers below

ONCOR:         Electricity Fact Label 500/1000/2000 = 10.4¢ / 8.9¢ /6.4¢
AEPC/AEPN/CP:  Electricity Fact Label 500/1000/2000 = 11.4¢ / 9.9¢ /7.4¢

>> $50 Minimum initial payment to connect service
>> $35 minimum balance to be maintained to avoid rate increase
>> $35 bill credit when 2,200/kWh or more is consumed.
>> $100 free offer still in play (call for details)

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prepaid electricityPayless Power has been helping customers address their electricity needs since 2005, when it got its license to operate as a retail electric provider (REP) by the Texas Public Utility Commission (PUC). Known for its no-deposit and pay-as-you-go service, Payless Power has been providing affordable electricity to meet everyone's budgets.

In 2011, Payless Power was one of the pioneers of prepaid electricity plans in the state. “Payless Power, a leading no deposit electric company in Texas, is now utilizing smart meters as part of its pay-as-you go electricity plans to help customers better manage their usage and budget. By monitoring electricity usage in real-time, smart meters let retail electric providers and consumers know just how much energy has been consumed at any time during the course of a month; therefore, by using these advanced meters, the consumer will be notified of how much energy they are consuming daily as a way to monitor usage and reduce their electricity costs.”[1]

For Payless Power's Smart TriCity with Flex Pay plan, you can get signed up right away without any deposits. You can also have same day connection, as long as the home is equipped with a smart meter. What's convenient about Payless Power is that you don't have to go through credit checks or pay a deposit when you sign up. This is especially great for those who need to get connected right away, or those who want to avoid such inconvenience.

In the Houston area, for instance, you can get connected with prepaid electricity service for as low as 12.1 cents per kWh. This is a variable plan with a base energy charge of 10.9 cents per kWh and a daily base charge of 40 cents. In the Dallas area, the same plan costs a little bit cheaper at 11.1 cents per kWh. The base energy charge is 9.9 cents per kWh and the daily base charge is the same. Both plans have a minimum usage fee of 50 cents per day if daily usage is below 17kWh. Although known for its prepaid service, Payless Power also offers postpaid plans, as well commercial service.

Because Payless Power primarily offers prepaid service, the convenience of making a payment is especially important. Payless Power makes it really easy for their customers to reload their prepaid account balance. Customers can easily pay using their Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit cards through the website. Payless Power also accepts payments over the phone. The most convenient option for many customers is to pay cash, and Payless Power also provides this option, through MoneyGram and Ace Cash Express locations. Customers can also simply mail their check or money order payments. What's really great about this is that customers can pay at their own convenience.


Payless Power REP # 10110


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