Simple ways to save on electricity

These days, there are so many catch phrases related to energy conservation. We hear so much about green energy solutions and there is so much written about energy saving tips. The market is flooded with innovative products that either use less energy or run on alternative energy. There are also options to find cheap electricity providers in your area and cut your electricity bills. 

It's not just about green cars, or recycling or making sure you buy your electricity from a provider that uses alternative energy. The concern about the global energy crisis spans national and even intercontinental boundaries. The issue is so overwhelmingly huge, it can sometimes be difficult to break it down and relate to it at a personal level.

The truth is, if we go beyond the campaign slogans and motherhood statements, there are so many things we can do to help address the no deposit electricityglobal energy crisis. For consumers, for example, the rising cost of electricity is an ever-pressing concern. Consumers are always on the lookout for cheap electricity. But what's really more important than having low cost electricity is the way we consume energy.

You don't have to completely shut down your thermostat to save on electricity cost, you can simply lower the setting to one degree and that will help a lot too. Or, you can wear extra layers of clothing or put an extra blanket on the bed. Investing in improvements in your home insulation can also give you long term savings.

Unplugging your appliances whenever they are not in use can help lower your power bill, too. And when it comes to appliances, it's better to go with the energy efficient ones. If your refrigerator or air conditioning unit is of an older model, you might want to look into replacing it already. You can check out brands that have government approved energy efficiency. You can also get a smart thermostat, so you can program and regulate your home heating energy consumption even when you're away.

When it comes to doing the laundry or ironing your clothes, there are also some minor adjustments you can make to help lower your electricity cost. Washing your clothes in hot water actually consumes a lot of electricity. Try to wash your clothes at 30-40°C and see the difference in your power bill. You can also try taking the clothes out of the dryer before they're completely dry and immediately ironing them. It's quicker to iron clothes this way and you get to save on electricity too. Or, if you have the space for it, simply hang up your clothes to dry instead of tumble drying them. Laundry that's left to dry under the sun does smell great! And when the sun is out, let the sunshine in and welcome the warmth in your home!

Of course the best way to save on your electricity bill is to make sure you get good rates from your electricity provider. Take some time to compare electricity prices and while you're at it, check out green energy providers in your area! 


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