After deregulation there has been a strong competition going on between electricity suppliers in Texas. Prices have remained stable due to this competition. 

How it works?

Suppliers offer various plans to attract users and they keep on changing these plans. Sometimes they offer the least price of electricity available in Texas. As we keep our plans updated daily therefore our users get the cheapest rates offered. At the end the user gets the benefits. 

Compare Electricity Texas ensures that users get the cheapest electricity by comparing and offering the best plan in your area. With us you always save on electricity and money. 

Areas covered in Texas

Although we offer rate comparison for each and every corner of Texas where there is deregulation. If you are in any of these cities then you can be certain about cheap electricity rates. 

San Antonio
Fort Worth
El Paso
Corpus Christi
Grand Prairie

How to buy electricity?

Call and book electricity

When you enter your zip code in the search box and enter then you get results for your area. You have two options to book electricity. You can call the phone# given and and follow the instructions to book electricity. 

Signup online

You can also buy electricity online by using the signup button given with each plan. Sign up with most of the suppliers is an easy process and doesn't take much time. 

What if I have bad credit? 

Will I still get connection?

Don't worry if you have a bad credit. We also offer plans from prepaid electricity suppliers. One of the most popular plans available on our website is from a prepaid electricity supplier. 

Prepaid is often called as no deposit electricity. It doesn't require any credit check, no ID and no deposit. You can pay as you go. 

Are prices updated regularly?

If you are a frequent visitor on our website you should have noticed that our prices change as the companies change the plan. We can assure you that the rates displayed in the result are the latest rates. We update the rates as soon as the supplier company changes it. 

Any plan that gives free electricity credits?

Yes, there are many plans that are offered by companies that gives a certain amount of electricity often known as free electricity credits. Because of that these plans become very popular quickly. You can try with our most popular plan that appears on top of search result. You can call the supplier on the given phone number and inquire about any gift package or free electricity plan. 

You can call Payless Power and inquire about their $100 credit plan.