Save on Transportation Costs

In Texas, the price of gasoline ranged from $2.3 – $2.6 from March to August this year. Now, let's say you drive a total of 60 miles to and from work everyday, using your Ford Fiesta car which usually has a range of 36 miles per gallon. This means that everyday, you'll need to spend around $5 for your gasoline cost. Monthly, that will be just under $150 for your fuel cost. And that's assuming you don't go anywhere else, like to the mall or the grocery.

how to save cost on transportation?Now, what if you switched to an electric car, like the Nissan Leaf?  This model, one of the highest selling EV car models in the previous years, is an all-electric battery powered car, so it has to be charged up using electricity. A fully charged Nissan Leaf can go 84 miles on a single charge and it uses 30 kWh to travel 100 miles. If your electricity rate is 10¢ per kWh, to travel 100 miles, you'll be spending only $3 to charge up your car. For your daily commute going to work then back home, you'll be spending only $1.8. That's a monthly savings of almost $100 for you!

But what if you don't have a car charging circuit at home? There are many public EV charging stations in Texas. Some charge by the hour, while others charge per session. There are also charging stations that require you to pay a subscription fee, in exchange for a charge-all-you-want access. If you go to a charging station that charges $1 per hour, and you're using a 6.6 kWh charger, that would cost you around 15¢ per kWh. It could be more expensive, but it would still be cheaper compared to gasoline.

This is one of the reasons why electric cars are getting more popular. And it can get a lot cheaper if you switch to a provider with lower rates. In Dallas, for example, many providers offer cheap electricity at less than 8¢ per kWh. Imagine how much more you'll get to save!

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