Prepaid Electricity

In Texas you have the option to choose your own electricity supplier. You can choose between post paid and prepaid electricity plans. You can switch to any plan offered by any company anytime during the year or your contract period. Companies charge cancellation fee if you terminate the services before the contract period ends. But, sometimes the benefits out of switching are more than the cancellation fee. With prepaid electricity plans there is usually no cancellation fee and this is one of the benefits that it offers.

What is prepaid electricity?

As the word suggests it is a plan where you pay the electricity charges in advance. Usually with most of the plans available in Texas you first have to go through credit check and then you get the connection. Once you get the connection you pay the electricity bill at the end of the billing cycle. With prepaid electricity it is just the opposite. You pay a certain amount and then consume electricity. Once you have exhausted the amount or used equivalent amount of electricity you pay for the next cycle.

You pay for a block of energy in advance in prepaid electricity connection.

Where do I find a prepaid electricity plan?

There are not many companies in Texas that offer prepaid electricity plans. We have given the name and plans of such companies below. You can use the given phone numbers to call them and inquire more about various plans offered by those companies.



Rate (2000kWh)


Book Online

Payless Power

SmarTricity True Value or ECO Prepaid

Prepaid Electricity; No Credit Check;  Same Day Activation; No Depost





Payless Power

SmarTricity $100 Cashback

Prepaid Electricity; No Credit Check;  Same Day Activation; No Depost

>> $100 free offer still in play (call for details)




First Choice Power

Power-To-Go Deposit Freedom

Power your Texas home using prepaid electricity with no deposit, no credit check, and no long-term contract.





Is prepaid electricity cheaper?

There are many plans available with prepaid electricity which are cheaper as compared to many postpaid plans for similar electricity consumption. Usually prepaid electricity does not have plans which are the cheapest. The cost per unit is on the higher side if you compare it with many other cheap postpaid plans. But, there are many other benefits available with a prepaid connection that makes it an easy and money saving option.


prepaid electricity benefitsbook prepaid electricity


What are the benefits of prepaid electricity?

There are some unique benefits associated with a prepaid connection which are not possible with conventional or postpaid type of connection. We have summed up a list below that will guide you through some of the major advantages with a prepaid electricity connection.

1-No deposit required

When you take a prepaid connection you already pay for an electricity block in advance. Thus there is no risk associated for the electricity company that is giving you the prepaid connection. And when there is no risk there is no deposit required. You can get a prepaid electric connection without any deposit. Prepaid connections are often called as no deposit connections or no deposit electricity

2- No credit check required

For a prepaid electricity connection there is no requirement of a credit check. If you are facing credit related issues then this is the best option for you. The companies already get the money in advance for the electricity they will provide you. As there is no risk involved there is no reason to check your credit ratings.

3- Same day connection

You can get prepaid electricity connection on the same day. There are only three steps to get this type of connection. First is to place an order. Second is to pay the advance for a certain amount of electricity you will consume. Third is to get the connection initiated on the same day. There is no time consuming process of credit checks and deposits involved in prepaid connection. Thus you get quick approval and connection.


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