No Credit Electricity

If you have a bad credit or there are some issues with your credit then be prepared to pay heavy deposits for electricity connection. No credit electricity is the best solution for you in such case.  After deregulation of electricity and availability of smart meters, suppliers in Texas now have to compete. Companies are offering various plans with big benefits to stay ahead in the competition. But, with good plans comes the price. You have to have a good credit score to get the connection instantly.  With a normal or low credit score you have to pay big amount of deposit.

What is no credit electricity?

When you ask for a connection the electricity company does a credit check. Based on the credit check you are asked to pay some deposit before they can give you a connection. With no credit electricity there is no credit check and therefore there is no deposit required.

The best part with no credit electricity is that you get an instant connection. With plans where there is a requirement of credit check, it usually takes more time. If there is some issue with your credit rating then the process is prolonged because of the other formalities including deposit, which you have to go through. After all these formalities you get the connection.

Can I switch from normal to no credit electricity?

Yes, even if you have a good credit score you can switch to no credit electricity anytime. If the contract period of your previous plan is ending and you do not want to make any deposit to avail new connection then this can be your plan. No additional time for credit check is required by the company before giving you the connection. This makes the process easy and fast. You can get the same day connection if you request for one under this plan.

Do all companies have no credit plans?

No. All companies do not have a no credit electricity plan. There are some companies that offer these plans. Payless and First Choice Power are some of the companies that offer these types of plans.

Are these plans cheaper?

It is difficult to say if these plans are cheaper or not. Because the rates vary time to time the status changes frequently. Sometimes, the rates are bit higher as compared to a fix rate fixed period type of plans. Many a times these plans are so cheaper that they can beat any other fixed rate plans. You can visit any electricity rates websites to know the exact rates of all types of plan on a particular day, in your area.

Is there a contract required?

As there is no credit check or deposit involved in no credit electricity plans, there is no contract required. Usually they are prepaid plans. It is the same as with your cellular company. You pay as you go.

Thus there is no contract required and you can switch to any other plan from any other company anytime you wish.

Bad Credit Score

Can I still get connection?

As there is no credit check to get no credit connections therefore, a credit by itself is not a criteria to give you one. Thus if you have a bad credit problem you can still get the connection.

Benefits of no credit electricity

There are many benefits of this plan. First and most important benefit is that you don’t have to face embracing situations to disclose your bad credit scores. This thus becomes the best option for people facing bad credits ratings. Apart from that you are not forced to pay heavy deposits. You get a no deposit electricity connection instantly. This saves your money from getting stuck with the company in the form of a deposit. Another benefit of such plan is that you can discontinue the services any day you want. As there is no contract there are no time period constraints to keep using the plan. 



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