Making the Right Choice with First Choice Power

Oldest electricity provider in TexasOne of the retail electric providers (REPS) in Texas that can claim a rich history and extensive experience in providing residential and commercial electric service, First Choice Power was founded in 2000 as part of the Texas-New Mexico Power Company (TNMP). First Choice Power obtained its license from the Texas Public Utility Commission (PUC) to operate as an Option I REP in January 2001. After the deregulation in 2002, it became an affiliate of TNMP, and by 2004, it became one of the largest REPs in the state. In 2005, the company was acquired by PNM Resources.

In 2011, First Choice Power was acquired by Direct Energy. “Direct Energy is a North American retailer of energy and energy services. The company was founded in 1986. The company has more than six million customers in Canada and the United States, making it the largest energy retailer in North America. Direct Energy is a subsidiary of UK-based utility company Centrica.”[1]

First Choice Power has many plans available for customers with varied energy needs. They offer fixed-rate, variable-rate, time-of use, and even prepaid plans. Their rates are quite reasonable, as well. The customers can stay flexible with the Monthly Freedom Plan, a month to month plan, for only 7.6¢ per kWh. Or, they can lock in on a fixed rate for 24 months with the You Got This 24 plan, for only 9.3¢ per kWh. Rates are computed as the average price per kWh for usage of 2000kWh per month. Included in the Monthly Freedom Plan price are the following: base charge of $4.95 per month, energy charge of 2.9¢ per kWh, TDU pass-through charges of $5.47 per month and 4.132¢ per kWh. For the fixed-rate contract plans, the energy charge varies depending on the contract length, but the cancellation fee is the same at $135.

First Choice Power also offers great prepaid plans. Where other retail electric providers offer prepaid plans with rates upwards of 11¢ per kWh, First Choice Power's prepaid plans are much cheaper. You can go with Power To Go Variable, a variable rate month to month prepaid plan, for 8.6¢ per kWh (2000 kWh usage), with energy charge of 3.7¢ per kWh and daily base charge of $0.33, plus the TDU pass-through charges. Or, you can go with Power To Go Free Power Saturdays or Sundays, a fixed-rate time of use plan, for 8.8¢ per kWh (2000 kWh usage), with energy charge of 5.4¢ per kWh and daily base charge of $0.33, plus the same TDU pass-through charges.

Some reviews[2] about First Choice Power indicate that customers appreciate that information about their plans is freely available and easy to find. Some customers also find First Choice Power's mobile app handy, letting them access and manage their accounts while on the go.


(Note: All rates cited above are for sample zip code 77014 in the Houston, Texas area.)



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