Clean Power Plan

Clean Power Plan will close up to 4000MM coal fired generation plants.

The president's plan to reduce global warming by reducing dependence on conventional energy sources, aims at reducing emissions levels by 32% till 2050. The plan will cause the closing of approximately 4000M.w coal fired plans in Texas. Thus may result in significant shortage of electricity, and will also cause the rates to go up. Texas's grid managers have also lent their voice to the protests against these clean energy plans.

The Texas grid operators have also warned of decreased reliability in the power supply, if the clean energy plans are implemented. The total number of coal powered plants to be closed, generate almost 6% of the total energy available to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. This may result in power cuts and frequent blackouts.

In 2050 the price of natural gases will be quite high, resulting in the increased price of electricity generated from these sources. Due to the clean power plan, customers may have to pay a lot more for their electric supplies, then they do now.

Some state run coal powered generation plants are vehemently opposing the plan. They argue that such plans of the federal government impede the state government's development agenda. The companies that have coal fired plants may have to face huge losses when the plan comes out.

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