Cheap Electricity in Texas

Do you know that electricity rates in Texas are one of the lowest in the US. Cheap electricity in Texas is available due to one strong factor. And, that factor is deregulation of electricity.

If you compare electricity rates in Texas you will find that any big city like Dallas or Houston pays the cheapest rates of electricity as compared to any other big city in the country. Barry Smitherman, former chairman of Texas Public Utility Commission rightly pointed out when he said “If you use the best available price in the market place from a retail electric provider, Houston and Dallas have the lowest prices of any big city in America. I think we have to be very mindful of the competitive advantage this gives us here in Texas.”

Many people in Texas are no aware of this fact and they also do not know how to actually get the cheapest electricity rates in Texas.

How can I get cheap electricity rates?

After deregulation of electricity the rates went down due to a strong competition between the electricity providers. Companies want to get the major part of the market as much as possible. To stay ahead they offer various plans which cheaper rates. They do this by sharing their profits with the consumers.

You can compare these plans and use a plan that is the most suitable for you. You can compare the rates of all plans from all companies on any good electricity rates-comparing website. It is important to note that electricity rates of the same plan may vary in different areas in your city. It depends on the utility.

How to use rate comparing website?

We are showing one example below that will give you an idea about how you can get the lowest electricity rate available in Texas

One of the best websites that we recommend to compare electricity rates in Texas is

Here you can find the best deals and book electricity in just three steps. It won’t take more than few minutes to complete the process.

First Step


First step is to visit this website. Once the website loads you will see a search box on the home page of this website. Enter your zip code in this search box. As you start entering your zip code it will show suggestions. Select your area if available in the suggestions. If there are no suggestions shown then just hit enter on your keyboard. It should show the results with all the plans available in the market offered by all the major electricity providers.

Second Step


You can then see all the plans and compare them. There are all sorts of plans available. There are prepaid plans as well as postpaid plans. There are also some variable plans and fixed-rate plans. You can chose as per your requirement.

Third Step


Once you chose the plan you can then use the sign up button to book electricity online. You can also call the given phone number for assistance and booking of electricity.

Which plan is the cheapest?

There is no plan that always has the cheapest rates. Rates vary day to day. is one of the few websites that keep the rates updated. Thus one day you will see plan A as the cheapest and another day plan B will take its place. So it is good to visit and search the site on the day you plan to switch.

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