Cheap electricity and ideal home temperature for winters in texas

best temperature for your home in winters

What should be the ideal home temprature during winters?

If you are in Texas then this is for you. There is a great debate about the ideal home temperature that you need to set for your home during the winters.  You can save energy by choosing cheap energy plans in Texas offered by various companies. But, you can also save much energy by using the exact idea temperature set for your home during winters.

Thermostats with better technology are programmed to save energy by setting the home temperature automatically. That who do not have a thermostat that is designed to save energy then this question hunts them even more.

Ideally the a 68 degree temperature is good enough to keep you comfortable during winters. But there are three occasions when you can sacrifice some temperature.

While Sleeping:  

While sleeping you can decrease the temperature by few degrees. You are in your warm bed and thus the winter you have to face out of bed is harsher as compared to when you are in bed. Thus for few hours of sleep you can save some electricity.

While working:

Remember that the body temperature increases a bit when you are in a work mode. If you are sitting on a computer of just doing something where there is less body movement you will require a higher temperature. But, when you are doing something where entire body is involved then your body itself will generate some heat. That is a good compensation to sacrifice some degrees on temperature.

Low intensity winter:

We are usually habituated to comforts. Especially when the winter begins or ends we, by our habit, start the thermostat. But, mild winters can easily be made comfortable and tolerable by warm clots. Thus you won’t require to heat your home and thus can save electricity and money.

Better heat management with Technologies

There are thermostats that you can program. You can set them to start heating your home just before you come back from your office. You can also manage some thermostats with the help of app on your mobile.

What to do when you are at vacation?

When you are out for a longer period and then you can use a static temperature. There is always a chance of mold growth due to humidity. So a static temperature is useful. Modern thermostats come with the vacation feature where you can set the temperature accordingly. This feature keeps the temperature several degrees lower during the vacation period as compared to a normal period. Thus even though you are out you save electricity. But, if you have a house where there is no fear of molds or any such issue then you can off your thermostat.

Do some companies offer packages for winters?

After the deregulation there is a great deal of competition between power suppliers. The companies come up with various ways to attract new users by offering cheap electricity during winters. You should regularly search for cheap electricity during winters on various websites available online. These website compare and give you the cheapest electricity rates. Thus you can begin your winter by saving money on your electricity requirements. 

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