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Select this plan and take advantage of big monthly savings today!

  • Save 20% or more with our Flex Pay discount program by simply keeping a balance of $35 or more in your energy account.
  • Get a FREE month-end statement detailing the prior month’s cost & average kWh rate paid.
  • $39 Minimum Upfront Payment
  • $0 Early Termination Fee
  • No Credit Check Required

The key difference with Payless Power is that service is paid for in advance. By paying in advance, we empower you to better manage your budget and avoid those expensive surprise bills at the end of the month. We invite you to become a very satisfied Payless Power customer, so why not start service today?

We are committed to providing electricity service at competitive rates with class leading customer service. Best of all, we do so without the hassle of a credit check, deposit, or long-term commitment with our flexible contract options. You will receive a daily alert detailing the quantity of kilowatt hours your home consumed, your current energy account balance, and the approximate number of days before a payment is necessary. Keep a positive balance and the power remains on. Log into the myAccount portal to view transaction history on the go or at the end of the month, review your charges in detail with our free month-end statement.